Rural Messengers Press is/has been/can be/will dream/might say it, then change its mind about some of, then none of the following:
DIY. writing. publishing. reading. pamphlets. leaflets. chapbooks. mail art. mistakes. the infinite number of possibilites that creates. zines. silly string.


About Me

Illinois, United States
Small press publisher specializing in unique mailers. We like underground writing. We like DIY.


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Aleathia Drehmer
Poetry & Photography
11x17 Keep Moving Poster
for $3 postpaid

Limited Quantities
**Sorry, folks! We are currently out of mini-mailers.**

Mini-Mailer 1.5
Currently Available
In Limited Quantities

Get Yours Now -
It's Free !!!

A Sneak Preview
of Mailer .2 ~

Featuring the
Poetry & Photography
of Aleathia Drehmer

Send your snail mail address to
Aleathia Drehmer
will be the featured artist
for Mailer .2

that is all.

Mailer .1
Mailer .1~
a package, a gift, a tied-together little concept piece
you can see a few pictured above
... it was a bit of an experiment
I think it worked out pretty well.

4 Poems to a
oversized Postcard
a leaflet
a notecard
and a plain strip of paper
with some PoP Rocks thrown in for good measure
all wrapped up in a neat, little DIY package

I'll be posting some pictures of the inside soon.

Cherry Bomb Postcard
Mailer .1
Push For Poetry Note Card--
Envelope w/Wax Seal


Mailer .1
Tri-Fold Leaflet

We Don't Make Misstakes ...
We Make Collector's Items.